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So after creating our app preview using iMovie, we tried to upload it via iTunes connect and we shortly realized that it was not that simple

Apple's doc

Apple's preview need to meet specific formats even after exporting our preview in iMovie and selecting the app preview format. The format created would not match any display sizes

We decided to download a tool online called MPEG Stream Clip from Squared 5

After installing it , go to Open Files from the File Menu

Select the size you are trying to match for iTunes connect

Make sure to select H.264 as the file type otherwise the sixe of the file will be too large and won't be accepted either

We could then match the various required sizes.

UITableView Protocols

Delegates are used to control how the table is displayed

dataSource provides the data that is displayed inside the cells

UITableViewController sets itself automatically as the UITableView's delegate and dataSource

UITableView subclass will also have a property pointing to the UITableView

var tableView: UITableView //returns self.view in UITableViewController as a UITableView so that you can communicate to the UITableView that your UITableViewController is controlling

Function tableView will ask its UITableViewDataSource for the UITableViewCell for a row

tableView returns UITableViewCell

So effectively what the process is :

We first set the table view dataSource to the Controller

We then implement the numberOfSections and numberOfRowsInSection

And finally we implement cellForRowAt to return loaded UITableViewCells

Example of media handling for smaller devices such as mobiles. Insert the code below inside your CSS

@media (max-width: 720px) { .masthead, .mastfoot, .cover-container { width: 700px; } img { width: auto ; max-width: 100% ; height: auto ; } }

This will make all your images fit for iPhone 6 screens

Xcode 9 and iOS 11 Wireless builds

You can now debug ios apps remotely

In the Xcode Menu Bar, click on Window, then Devices and Simulators. Select Devices. Then check Connect via Network. That's it! You can now build wirelessly while on the same network.

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